coarse graining ddcosmo

The domain decomposition conductor-like screening model is an efficient way to compute the solvation energy of solutes within a polarizable continuum medium in a linear scaling computational time. Despite its efficiency, the application to very large systems is still challenging. A possibility to further accelerate the algorithm is resorting to coarse-graining strategies. In this paper we present a preliminary interface between the molecular dynamics package Tinker and the ddX library. The interface was used to test a united atom coarse-graining strategy that allowed us to push ddCOSMO to its limits by computing solvation energies on systems with up to 7 million atoms. We first present benchmarks to find an optimal discretization, and then, we discuss the performance and results obtained with fine- and coarse-grained solvation energy calculations.

Nottoli, M.; Mikhalev, A.; Stamm, B. & Lipparini, F.
J. Phys. Chem. B 126,8827-8837 (2022)

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